Retinal detachment Strabismus

Dark Spots Can Be Due To A Lot Of Reasons.

Usually, in the early stages no symptoms are noticed by people who have high GOP. In this condition, the protective membrane lining the eyelids and exposed regions of the eyeball, called conjunctiva gets swollen, itchy and red. Usually, a part of the lens moves behind, towards the back of the back pain eye. However, people with a family history of glaucoma, those suffering from diabetes, migraine, high blood pressure, myopia near-sightedness, etc., are at a higher risk. Dark spots can be due to a lot of reasons. A hand-held device, which looks like a pencil, is used by the doctor to measure the intra ocular pressure. It carries visual information from the retina to the brain. However, some causes of eye problems can cause severe symptoms like decreased vision and severe pain.

It is a physical therapy for the entire visual system and the part of brain controlling it. The retina gets separated from its underlying supportive tissue and cannot perform its usual functions. Do not be under the impression that swollen eyelids are only caused by the above mentioned conditions.